Who we are
Mineralocity Aggregates is the Burgex flagship system for analysis of local and regional construction aggregate market trends.

What Mineralocity Aggregates is
A highly advanced, cloud based, visual analysis of regional construction aggregate trends and megaregion development. Mineralocity Aggregates is a GIS based analytics platform for the construction aggregates industry. Aggregate producers and associated industries will have access to 50+ interactive layers, showing the estimated aggregate production, demand, population numbers, geology and other factors that contribute to analyzing the overall aggregate market dynamics. Mineralocity Aggregates is a powerful tool for anyone in the business of producing construction aggregates, as well as those that support or invest in the industry. Learn more.

How it works 
The Mineralocity Aggregates Platform provides market intelligence on the construction aggregates industry that is mapped and can be visualized and interactively explored – think Google Earth specifically designed for the aggregates industry. The tools and datasets available on the platform are constantly growing and more features are being added on a regular basis. 

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